It seems lately the music industry has seen a huge expansion in both "branding" and collaborative efforts. Between artists you have "Watch The Throne" from Jay-Z & Kanye, which has gone number 1 in twenty three countries. When it comes to how to listen to it though, Beats by Dre/Monster has their artist series with headphones designed and personalized by the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, & Diddy to name a few. This year they have also expanded with deals to put Beats by Dre audio into H.P Laptops and Android Smart phones. When it comes to making music though, no partnership or product can top what happens when Apple and Akai combine. The Akai Synthstation25 is an affordable, portable, midi controller. Now when you pop an ipod touch or iphone into it, load it with a few apps, you've got a standalone synthesizer, multiple DAWs, and Instruments. The possibilities are endless because the apple store is being updated daily with new software. Some of the DAWS out
there range from AKAI's own Synthstation App, Fruity Loops, Music Studio, Xenon, & more.

Of course if your not looking for something so small, maybe more stationary, Akai's MPK49 is my personal favorite. It comes with presets for Reason, that can be rearranged in a second. Giving you the pads of the MPC, 49 Piano Keys, Faders, and Track controls. Here's a video overview of everything the MPK49's got to offer.


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